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He fucks her pumps and feet

March 15th, 2010

Oh yes, That´s so hot. I love it! I love to fuck shoes and especially such kind of high heels pumps with open toes. It feels so good if my glans touches the insoles of pumps. Gosh, I could fuck high heels every day :-) My mistress sometimes let me have sex with her high heels. I love her feet and shoes. Makes me so horny to sniff her pumps and feet before I fuck them and cum insider her shoes! Last time I cum inside her pumps, she put on her shoes and walked through the room and back to me. “Take of my shoes” she whispered in my ear. Woow, her feet and her shoes were messy, full of sperm… “Lick my feet and clean the inside of my high heels with your tongue” After I heard these words I´ve got a boner! It taste awesome to lick my sperm off of her feet and shoes, I love it!  Here are some shoe fucking pics.



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