New Years Eve Shoejob

December 31st, 2009

I just want to wish you a happy new year with a lot of awesome high heels and shoejobs!

Enjoy the last shoefetish set in 2009! That is one of my wishes for 2010, fucking as many high heels and stilettos as possible! Hope to get a high heels job on new years eve! Gosh, I love it, if she´s rubbing her high heels on my cock…


Here you can download the full high heels sex movie

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High heels shoe fetish

December 30th, 2009

high heels shoes fetish

Download more free foot fetish movies here

Nasty bitches! That´s so horny, shoe sluts satisfy their high heels shoes fetish! I love to watch lesbian fetish sluts worship and fucking some nice looking high heels. I have a stiletto fetish myself so I know how awesome it is to fuck some female shoes ;) Here are some more free stilettos fetish pics.


Pumps Fetish

December 28th, 2009

legs and pumps fetish

This sexy girl has stunning long legs and a huge pumps fetish. She loves to play with her pumps, tries on new pumps and getting horny if she fell them on her groomed feet. Sometimes she smells her old pumps and is getting wet because of her pumps fetish.

Watch this blonde girl satisfy her foot fetish 

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Messy High Heels

December 26th, 2009

Sexy shoe fetish girls gets messy high heels! He is dousing her feet and high heels with a softdrink, very tasty ;) I love to watch her shoes get cleand. He licks the drink off of her high heels, sucks her feet dry and licks the soles of her messy but very delicious stilettos. Here are some more high heels fetish pictures of this stunning blonde shoe fetish girl.

wearing high heels girl is wearing sexy high heels mules


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Her New High Heels

December 25th, 2009

She got a pair of new high heels. The best gift for a high heels fetish girls like her! The first thing she does was sniffing her new leather high heels. She loves the smell of new shoes, the leather smells awesome! And then they start to have high heels and foot fetish sex under the christmas tree..

I hope you got a christmas gift like that :)


Your High Heels Fetish Girl


Let me lick your heels

December 20th, 2009

Oh babe, your stilettos are awesome, please let me lick your heels! i would worship her high heels and kiss her feet! Do you like her shoes, she has pretty feet and suckable toes. sucking her heels and kissing her bare soles would definitely make my day! Click here for more free pics

If you prefer to watch the movie…

lick your heels

This guy loves to lick your heels, babe! Show us how you make him horny!


High Heels Pumps Fetish Girl

December 18th, 2009

She is so happy today! She found the perfect high heels pumps to get out this evening! But she has not enough money and so she has to try to get a discount. What would you do, if you where the shoe salesman???

See the full lenght movie

high heels pumps fetish

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Filipina High Heels Foot Fetish Girls

December 16th, 2009

Kumusta na!

What a beautiful filipna! I really like filipina foot fetish movies like these! I think girls from the Philippines has the most beautiful feet of all asian girls! What do you think? I would love to worship and sniff her black boots, yummy! and her sexy feet, I would kiss her soles, lick her feet and suck her toes till I cum all over her feet. This foot fetish filipina is just hot!

filipina foot fetish

More free pic of this foot fetish filipina! Here is the link to her foot and boots fetish movie

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High Heels woman looks for shoes

December 15th, 2009

Sexy high heels babe! She´s looking for a new pair of high heels! Take a look at the high heels woman gallery. I like her blue high heels sandals, first thing I would do with these shoes is sniffing their insoles

Watch the full lenght HD Movie?

high heels woman


Sexy high heels sandals fetish

December 14th, 2009

sexy sandals fetish

Of course these high heels sandals would look very sexy on your pretty feet. Why you don´t try them on and take a little walk with them? She wants to get a discount!

The Foot And High Heels Fetish Movies are here

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Sexy girl is wearing high heels

December 12th, 2009

Is this girl sexy!? And the high heels she wears makes her even sexier, don´t they!? Her are some more nice pics of foot fetish girls that wearing high heels.

sexy girl high heels

If you like sexy high heeled girls,

check out these high heels and foot fetish movies.

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Cum covered mules

December 11th, 2009

He was so horny that he cums all over her mules. Here are the high heels job pictures that caused this cumshot! I sometimes use the high heels or shoes of my girlfriend to jerk off, and you? You ever cum on female shoes? I love the feeling if my cock is rubbing the insoles of leather shoes, justr great. It makes me even hornier if the shoes are bad smelling!

Get a shoe of your girlfriend and watch the high heels movies on this site

cum covered mules

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Asian High Heels Fetish

December 10th, 2009

I love asian girls, especially they have a high heels fetish. I love to get forced to lick, smell and kiss female shoes and high heels. I love asian because of their petite feet. And Shoes of asian girls have a special scent, I think! Worship the feet and shoes of asian high heels fetisch girls is abslotly awesome, try it!

Here are some downloadable videos of this asian beauty

asian high heels fetish

Here are a few more pics of this asian shoefetish queen! I think it´s a filipina, I love girls from Philippines.

Paalam ;)

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High Heels Ladies

December 9th, 2009

high heels ladies

Take off your velvet high heels and tease me! Let me see your shoes, let me see the insoles of your high heels. Let me sniff your heels please! I love to smell the shoes of sexy High Heels Ladies. Some more pics of her black pumps.

Here you find the shoe and feet fetish video


Creamy feet

December 8th, 2009

If I get a discount on these high heels, you can make me creamy feet! The shoe salesman agrees and has a footjob! Nice cumshot to her bare feet, I love creamy feet. More pics of her creamy feet

You want the movie?

creamy feet

Fucking their feet would make my day!


Extreme High Heels shopping

December 7th, 2009

extreme high heels

Extreme High Heels Shopping Movies

I love to go shopping for shoes with my girlfriend but this shiopping tour is awesome! Not even trying on extreme high heels, this foot fetish bitch has kinky foot with the shoe salesman to get a discount. Take a look at the full gallery.


High Heels mules fetish, shopping tour

December 6th, 2009

She wears some sexy high heels mules but she´s looking for some pumps. She has a date this evening and needs some elegant shoes to tease him :)

high heels mules fetish

Want to see more high heels mules fetish movies like that?

Nice girls with nice shoes, aren´t they!? I would love to get on of their shoes …

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Wearing High Heels Is So Sexy

December 5th, 2009

wearing high heels

I love women wearing high heels, It´s so sexy if a beautiful long legged girl wears sexy high heels. Here are some more free shoe fetish pics

High Heels Fetish Movies


Worship High Heels

November 30th, 2009

smelling her high heels

Today I found a nasty shoe worship girl! She takes off her High Heels and sniffs every single inch of her sweaty and nice smelling shoes. Take a look at the well worn insoles, you can see her footprints on it. Think they smell great! More pictures of this cute shoe fetish girl are here on this high heels fetish gallery. I like this kind of shoes, I like it, if yu can se much of the feet.

This iy my favorite Foot fetish site!

Do you like to watch horny girls playing with their shoes? I sometime doit myself. Put my hand inside the heels, stroke my body and rub my cunt and tits with with hard  soles or heels. Whould you like to worship her high heels?Worship her high heels

If you like foot and high heels worship, take a look at my footworship blog.

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Cum all over two girls high heels

November 26th, 2009

cum all over her high heelsHe spray his cum all over the high heels of this two sexy foot fetish bitches! And now, where is the footslave how licks her cum covered soles of high heels clean? I hope the guy is a submissive shoe and foot fetish slave so that he cleans the high heels with his tongue and swallow his sperm. Take a lokk at the whole shoefetish gallery. Do you ever been forced to lick your sperm off of female shoes? My footslave always has do do it. If he wants to cum, he has to lick his cum off of my high heels after he finished. If he don´t do it, he will not cum again for a long time! I will ban him to jerk off!

This is perfect to jerk off!

kissing high heelsThis is a high heels fetish dream of my footboy, I wants to worship the heels of two girls at one time! Did you ever had the pleasure to kiss and lick the heels of more than one high heels fetish girl?


She loves smelling stinky stilettos

November 22nd, 2009

smelling stilettos

She loves girls in stilettos, she loves the smell of high heels and female feet. Can you see it in her eyes!? She realy enjoy the scent of the stinky stilettos and bare feet of this cute high heels girl. If I had the chance to smell her high heels, I would sniff the insoles of her stilettos from the bottom up very intensive.  I would press my nose hard to her shoes and breathe her footsmell. I post more pics of this shoe loving girl here… What do you think of shoe worship? Do you like it, if girls kissing and licking female high heels and shoes?

If you like foot fetish movies, you will find them here.

This shoe picture is quite sexy, I love to see girls sucking on high heels. Sucking the heels, kissing the sole and sucking the toe of the shoe.
stilettos fetish

Do you like high heels shoejobs? I found this high heels footjob post on a friendly footfetish blog.

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submissive girl smells high heels

November 20th, 2009

smell high heels

That´s right, babe! Get on your knees and smell her high heels and nylon feet. Take a deep breath of her stinky nylon feet and sweaty high heels. I know that you love the smell of stinky, sweaty nylon feet and shoes. I love her foot fetish movie, awesome to watch! Here is a gallerie of this nylon foot sniffing bitch! If you like to watch the high heels and shoe fetish movie of these two little footsluts,

Check out this foot fetish site!

Oh yes, I realy love to see if submissive footsluts smelling high heels and nylon feet! Stick your nose deep inside her shoes and enjoy her perfect shoe smell my little bitch!

stinky high heels

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November 18th, 2009

shoesexShoesex pure! The lady looks very beautiful and sexy and the way she uses her high heels mules is awesome! Jerking off a male with high heels is really funny. I love to fuck my footslaves hard dick with my shoes from time to time. I stick his cock deep inside my shoes and rubs hard, fucking his cock till he moans! I take my shoes, and rub his glanz on my insole, up and down, slowly till he wants to spray his cum

inside my shoes. More of these shoesex pictures I´ve posted on this shoesex gallery. And you, do you like to feel shoes on your glans? Do you sometimes rub your cock on high heels or shoes of sexy girls? Do you like to fuck stinky shoes of beautiful looking women? I´m pretty sure you do… am I right!?

Want some shoesex movies?

What kind of shoesex do you like the most? If I would send you my shoes, they are size 5-6 and a little bit smelly, what would you do with them? Please let me know and leave a comment. I hope that I can read you nasty shoesex fantasies soon ;)


Cum inside her high heels and she drinks the sperm

November 17th, 2009

cum in high heels

Awesome shoesex pictures! I love it, if males cum inside high heels! Jerk him off and let him spray the high heels with his sperm. Check out the whole high heels fetish gallery! This is somthing that I do often to my footslave. I orders him to jerk of into my high heels. But different to the foot fetish girl on this shoe fetish picture I let him drink his cum out off my high heels :) He don´t really liked it at the beginning but now he is a obedient shoeslave and swallow all his cum :)

Do you like more nasty Foot Fetish stuff?

Do you like it if women drinks your cum out off her high heels after you cum inside? I´m sure you do ;)
drtink cum out off high heels
Do you already now my high heels fetish tgp?

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Footjob and smelling shoes

November 17th, 2009

smelling her shoes and giving nasty footjobYes Babe, sniff her stinky shoes while fucking his cock with your stunning feet! These shoe sniffing and foot fetish girls are damn hot! The high heels slut is getting extremly hot from sniffing her friend high heels. Ok, I can catch her meanig if she wants to smell the shoes of this sexy foot fetish bitch. I would do the same :) Or what would you do, if a girl gives you her pumps clad feet!?

pumps smelling

I would take of her stilettos and, very slowly and sniff them like there is no tomorrow! Take a look at the shoesniffing gallery. Do you like her high heels pumps? I think they are smelling quit awesome.

Do you know this foot fetish site for HD Movies?

Her stilettos are really nice, would you like to worship her shoes?

high heels pumps

By the way, do you know my lates blog about foot fetish movies?

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Shoe sniffing girl

November 14th, 2009

Shoe sniffing This is what I love! Smelling stinky shoes of cute girls! I love ladys shoes. The most I like the smell of female feet and leather, it´s a mix that makes my wild! I can´t resist, if I see a sexy women i want to smell her shoes. Do you know this feeling? You see sexy shoes and all you want is stick your nose inside and enjoy the smell??? Oh I love shoe sniffing so, so much! Here are mor pictures of shoe sniffing girls. The best is, if you just take the shoes off of stinky nylon feet like this one here.
shoe sniffing fetishGosh, if the shoes are worm and you still can see her sweaty footprints inside the shoe they are awesome! I sniffing the shoe so intensive, lick the sweat off of the insoles and just enjoy her shoe smell. My cunt gets hot everytime I even think of it :) Of course my footslave has to smell my shoes, I like it a lot if males sniffing one of my shoe. Do you like shoe sniffing, the smell of shoes turns you on? That´s great, take a look at

my favorite foot fetish and shoe fetish site!

There are many hot movies and much more! Smelling my shoes is a pleasure, my feet are little stinky and I always wear leather shoes ;)

smelling stinky shoes

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Shoe Fetish Girl shops for high heels

November 14th, 2009

shoe fetishThis is my favorite hobby, shopping for new, sexy shoes and high heels! Do you like escort shoe fetish women if they go shoe shopping?? I like it, if males watching me try on new shoes. Sometimes I notice it, if I visit my favorite shoe store. I enjoy it, slowly I slip  my old shoes off, move my toes and very slowly I put on the new ones. I always site that way, that I can see the guy, how watches me, in the mirrow. I get u and walk a few steps, I feel he stared on my feet all the time… Watch this girl shopping for stilettos, here is the whole gallery.

Here are many hot high heels and foot fetish movies.

I realy love my shoe fetish, shoes and especially high heels are so interested and sexy. I love to feel them on my groomed feet, love to walk in high heels. But the best is, if a sexy, submissive shoe fetish guy worship my shoes :) I like shoe and foot worship! And you, would you like to worship my feet and high heels? Do you like it, if I fuck your cock with my shoes? Do you like shoe sex? Leave a comment and tell me what you like…

Kisses Minkay

By the way, here are some Feet Cams and this is my favorite high heels fetish tgp.

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Sex with her high heels

November 14th, 2009

sex with high heels

Hi, this is my first post about high heels sex. I found this picture on a high heels tgp. I would like to post it here on my new high heels fetish blog because I love it! I makes me horny to see a girl having sex with stilettos. I love to feel high heels on my skin, love to rub my pussy with the hard sole of the stilettos and fuck my cunt with the heels. Here is the whole high heels sex gallery.  It´s so awesome to stick the high heels in my pussy and fuck myself! Of course I love to smell stilettos and women shoes in general. Do you like sexy women wearing high heels and pantyhose?

Check out this nasty high heels and Pantyhose Site!

Anyways, I hope you like the first post of this nasty shoe fetish slut! If you want something special, just leave a comment I I try to find some free pics or movies. If you like shoe fetish, here is a small site related to female high heels and shoes. A weekly updatet foot fetish tgp you can find on

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